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Tables and Chairs for hire

Tables and Chairs for hire :Sturdy & stable chairs and tables

Our Range of black stackable Chairs, Sturdy and Stable, With a weight capacity of 110Kg. Easily decorated with our wide range of Chair Covers and Tiebacks , Transportable in large Quantity making it affordable to you. Our Rectangular Trestle steel Tables seats up to 8 people around a table. we also provide a wide variety of Table Cloth Colours, Overlays and Runners

Great for birthday parties, baby showers, christenings and more.

Tables and Chairs for hire: Tiffany Chairs and Phoenix Chairs

We offer the most Affordable Tiffany chairs for hire to you in the Pretoria. Tiffany chairs are the highlight of a wedding bringing out the elegance and beauty of any function , it is a neat and easily presented chair that needs no decor as it serves as decor in itself

These Chairs are made from polypropylene and the seat is reinforced with glass fiber Polypropylene is a durable, scratch resistant. The UV-resistant material that will not fade or deteriorate over time, even if used outdoors
We also offer the cushion in white a soft but durable stain free pillow that suits any occasion and any backdrop.

All our Tiffany chairs are the sturdiest and most durable of the rest in the local industry. Each can easily carry a load of 250 pounds (113kgs).

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