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Terms and Conditions /Hire Agreement
JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY) LTD 2012/073149/07 – Trading as JNH Events and Decor Pty LTD
1.Sole Contract This is an agreement of lease between JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY) LTD (“the lessor”) and the client/customer (“the HIRER”) or any other person representing the hire, will not at any time during the period of lease, or thereafter, acquire ownership of goods nor termination of the contract have any right of possession or use of the goods and may not hire out the goods to a Third party.(Except with written consent)

2.Hire Fees The HIRER shall pay JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY) LTD a hire fee in accordance with the tariff as stipulated at the time of rental. The total hire fee is strictly due on collection at our premises or on delivery at yours-unless other arrangements were made in advance with management.The hire feeprice) is subject to change without prior notice. The fee will remain unchanged for the term date of the quotation.Packing material, Crates, Medium, etc are only to be used for transportation of hired goods. All these items must be returned clean,undamaged and not broken. A replacement amount will be charged if not returned or damaged.
3.Risk The goods hired shall be at the sole risk of the HIRER from time of pick up or delivery until goods are returned. The HIRER shall make good as stipulated in replacement value to JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY) LTD, any loss or damage whatsoever occurring during the period of hire, or extended period of hire .(Replacement value to be determined by JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY) LTD. The HIRER shall provide DRY ,undercover SAFE storage until time as the equipment is returned to JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY)LTD. Upon the return of equipment to our premises ,all goods are examined and checked and any shortages ,damages or breakages are notified to the HIRER. JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY)LTD will not accept any responsibility of count unless goods are counted and checked in the presence of our representative and should be returned not counted,the count taken to our premises will be binding on the HIRER. JNH Reserves the Right to request additional supporting documents, or Take the necessary pictures (Portrait images of necessary persons, vehicle Picture and Site area)
4.Refundable damage/Breakage Deposit. The hirer shall pay a minimum of 50% deposit refundable breakage, loss or damage deposit. On return of the hired articles in good, complete and undamaged condition and after compliance with all obligations of hire agreement, the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of the refundable deposit paid. In non compliance JNH TRADING AND HIRING (PTY)LTD shall be entitled to recover from and set the amount of the deposit any damages suffered by reason of loss ,breakage ,breach of contract ,shortages or damage as well as additional cost calculated per day tariff if goods are not returned on the specific date. Should such items exceed the deposit it will be the responsibility of the hirer to settle the deficit. Refundable deposits may not always cover the complete damages, and an Invoice will be sent to you with the Outstanding Balance, Balance must be Paid immediately upon receipt of the Invoice (or else legal action will be taken).Refunds Must be Collected within 60 days of the Events Conclusion ,Refunds Will be forfeited after this Period.Refundable deposit will be paid into your bank account (once all the goods are checked and counted).Please Submit Banking details to info@jnhevents.co.za . Refundable deposits are by an electronic bank transfer /bank deposit within 7 working days after completion of the order. Cash Paid refundable deposits must be collected from the Office.
5.Final Numbers Confirmation of final numbers must be confirmed 7 working days before the function date, as our final invoice will be prepared on those numbers. The availability of extra stock may be and cannot be guaranteed if your final numbers increased. If JNH TRADING are requested to undertake additional work not included in the original quote/invoice such additional work will be charged for.
6.Delivery and Collection Delivery / collection times in your quotation are from 08H00 -18H00.If any after hour Delivery and collections is required an after hour rate will be charged. Although every effort is made to deliver and collect all equipment hired at the time requested, no liability or responsibility can be accepted in respect of late or non delivery, mechanical breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control. Goods not returned, or available for collection on the specific date or at an arranged time will be charged for all at the total hiring rate payable per day of late return ,in addition to a delivery charge for the wasted journey /collection. Any additional items requested upon delivery should be requested and confirmed with the office, Additional Delivery Cost will Apply and will be scheduled in a new delivery time slot.
7.Cancellation The cancellation of a booking or the cancellation of part of a booking must be effected in writing and received by us. The following cancellation charges will be levied: 35+ days prior to the function date: 50% 34 – 15 days prior to the function date: 80% 15 or less days prior to the function date:100% 8. Extra hire chargers/Fine A minimum of R30.00 will be charged per individual item for cleaning of soiled items by candle wax, oil stains or other removable stains on tablecloths, overlays runners and other table linen. Cleaning Cost will be charged at 25% of the hired amount per item if returned dirty, 100% of the total amount will have to be paid per day for the late return of goods hired-unless other arrangements are made with management in advance. A minimum administration fee of R10.00 will be charged for every phone call if hired goods are not returned on time .A further hire amount will have to be paid per item not returned on time, according to the stipulated Agreement. Payment of this Invoice or Acceptance of Quotation confirms that you Understand and Accept all the Terms and Conditions

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